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Lesson 1

Discussion Regarding Tauhid

Basically, the main discussion in Tauhid consists of six main elements:

  • Iman towards Allah. There is no God but Allah and all ibadat should be done sincerely for the sake of Allah with a believe that Allah is equal to nobody and nothing.
  • Iman towards Rasul. Rasul is Allah messenger. Muslims should believe that Rasuls possess characters such as siddiq (true) and amanah (honest); and impossible to have characters such as lies and dishonest. Muslims should also believe that Rasuls have mu’jizat (special miracles).
  • Iman towards Kitab (scripture of Allah). Kitab is given by Allah to be the guide or the way of life for Muslims.
  • Iman towards Malaikat (angels). Muslims should believe that Malaikat exist and carry their duties as directed by Allah. They should also believe that a relationship exists between Malaikat and humans in this world as well in the Hereafter.
  • Iman towards Akhirat (judgement day). Muslims should believe the existence of Qiamat (the last day) and Akhirat including the events that would happen over there. There is Jannah (heaven) for believers while there is Nar (hell) for non believers.
  • Iman towards Qada’ and Qadar (Allah’s fate to mankind). Everything that happens is by the power and decision of Allah. 

Rasulullah S.A.W says:

The value of a certain knowledge is closely related to its object and field of discussion. As an example, medical knowledge has a higher position than carpenting. The reason is that the discussion of medical knowledge is about human body while the discussion of carpenting is about wood. Of course human is more noble than wood. 

This indicates that the discussion of Tauhid is the most valuable knowledge of all as its field of discussion is regarding Allah, Rasul, Malaikat, Kitab, Akhirat and Qada’ & Qadar. There is nothing that is more noble than all those elements to say that there is something that exceed the knowledge of Tauhid. As the conclusion, the knowledge of Tauhid is the most valuable knowledge of all. All the other branches in knowledge of Islam has to be based on Tauhid. Without it, all the other knowledges are not useful and may lead to astray from the right path.

The Obligation to Learn Tauhid

 Learning Tauhid is fardhu ‘ain (obligation) to each individual Muslim to the extent that his / her heart is certain and his / her mind is satisfied that he/she is within the true religion of Islam. Meanwhile, the knowledge beyond that is considered fardhu kifayah. This means that the obligation to learn it is only placed on some, but not all Muslim. Therefore, if several Muslims have all these additional knowledge, others would not be considered as sinners

Al Quran and Tauhid

 Al Quran is the largest book of tauhid as the biggest discussion in Al Quran is regarding the knowledge of Tauhid. More or less, every verse in Al Quran, whether directly or indirectly, tells mankind  to have iman/faith towards Allah, Rasul, Kitab, Malaikat, Akhirat and Qada’ & Qadar. In particular, every one of the ‘Makkiyah words’ (content of Al Quran at the time that Muhammad stays in Mekkah for 13 years before hijrah to Madinah) deals with the matter of Tauhid and everything related to it. 

Allah mentions in Quran that among the true characters of Muslims are those who are able to elevate their degree of iman or faith once Al Quran is read to them. 

Muslim and Tauhid
Muslims should value Tauhid as the most valuable branch in teaching of Islam, as demonstrated in Al Quran. With a deep knowledge of Tauhid, Muslims will be strong and feared by the enemies. This is shown by the early history of the victory of Muslim nations.
Unfortunately, some Muslims nowadays have disregarded this aspect of Islam. Akidah is built on a weak foundation. And if there is the construction of Akidah, the method used is not the right method in  which it will lead to the infiltration of ‘khurafat belief’(wrong Akidah) in a Muslim way of life. If this were to happen, Muslims will be even weaker and vulnerable to their enemeies.

 The best and effective way to restore Akidah and faith of Muslims is by right teaching of Al Quran. Muslims must make an effort to build the ‘Generation of Al Quran’. There are proves that Al Quran paves the way to strengthen iman; as mentioned by Abdullah bin Umar Ibnu Al Khattab RA (4).

1. Akidah Islam; Sayid Sabiq: 15.
2. Hakikaat Dua Kalimah Syahadat; Dr Abdullah Yasin: 4 – 5.
3. Kitab Al Tauhid; Syekh Abdul Majid ‘Aziz Al zandany: 8.
4. Ma’alim Al Inthilaq Al Kubra”Inda Ahl Sunnah Wa Al Jamaah; Muhammad Abdul Hadi Al Mishry; Hal 34 – 35.

Notes by: 
Dr Abdullah Yasin: Counselor in Saudi Arabia Embassy

Translated by:
Dr Fariz Safhan Mohamad Nor.

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